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Monthly Archives: September 2013

#albumoftheday TAKATSUNA MUKAI: Śūnya

Takatsuna Mukai is a multi-instrumentalist who plays electric violin, electric guitar, synthesizer and bass guitar, in addition to being a wizard with programming. Takatsuna first arrived in London in 1991 and has been busy making music, and doing other music-related projects, ever since. During his first decade in the UK, he collaborated with...
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Super catchy song and a truly gorgeous, breath-taking video. What an amazing new artiste. Can't wait to hear more from this talented young woman. Click "read more" below for a profile and another video of Petite Meller.
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#albumoftheday PLACEBO: LOUD LIKE LOVE

“Can you imagine a love that is so proud / It never has to question why or how?” asks Placebo vocalist Brian Molko over glittery guitars during “Loud Like Love,” the upbeat opening and title track from the band’s new and seventh album. “We are loud like love / We are loud like...
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