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An Exclusive Interview with Gigi Rowe

by Michael McCarthy Gigi Rowe is a pop star in the making. Based out of Miami, she makes fun songs that blend modern pop beats with early ’80’s pop vibes. Her bouncy and mighty danceable songs make me think of Madonna’s first album and Cyndi Lauper’s album She’s So Unusual. Come to think...
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This infectious number is Michael's favorite song at the moment. It's a delightful, super catchy number that's like a cross between Duffy and the tracks Mark Ronson produced on Lily Allen's first album. With a bit of Veronica Maggio thrown in for good measure. Downright...
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#albumoftheday REVIEW: CULTS: STATIC

Following the release of their much-loved eponymous debut, Cults’ vocalist Madeline Follin and multi-instrumentalist Brian Oblivion broke up, ending a four year relationship. Fortunately, they were grateful for their fans, and all of the accolades they had received from critics, and so they decided to continue making music together. Much like listening to...
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#albumoftheday ANNIE: THE A&R EP

Chances are you already know this if you read music blogs and check out the music they recommend accordingly (as you should), but for those who don’t know, Annie is a Norwegian singer/songwriter and DJ. She first generated chatter in the blogosphere with her underground 1999 single “The Greatest Hit,” but it was...
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