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#albumoftheday LORDE: PURE HEROINE

Back in July I reviewed Lorde’s mesmerizing and mind-blowingly good single “Tennis Court” and its glorious B-side “Swingin Party.” And I felt like I was late to the party, having only just heard the 16 year old New Zealand native — real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor — for the first time then, this even...
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Here’s the tracklisting for Lorde’s Pure Heroine… 1. Tennis 2. 400 Lux 3. Royals 4. Ribs 5. Buzzcut Season 6. Team 7. Glory & Gore 8. Still Sane 9. White Teeth Teens 10. A World Alone The release Date September 27th.  The cover art has yet to be revealed.  We’re assuming that track...
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Usually I’m in the know when it comes to up and coming pop stars, but I have to admit that Lorde totally flew under my radar until today. She released an EP called The Love Club during December 2012 — I just bought it from iTunes — but I don’t recall seeing any...
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