It starts off on a simple note with melancholic piano and a subtle beat. “When your soul finds the sword it was waiting for / When someone walks into your heart / Through an open door,” Demi sings soulfully. Then we hear birds faintly whistling in the background along with some atmospheric electro-beats and it sounds a bit eerie. But when it hits the bridge and the drums kick in, it changes gears and becomes something more upbeat. It’s still slightly gloomy, but it’s also pretty lovey dovey, particularly in terms of the lyrics: “Someone comes into your world / Suddenly your world has changed forever.” Generic? Sure. But Demi totally sells it, her vocals emoting sadness and hopefulness all at once. As for the chorus, well, it couldn’t be more universal: “No, there’s no one else’s eyes / That can see into me / No one elses arms / Can lift, lift me up so high / Your love lifts me out of time / And you know my heart by heart.” Cheesy? Oh, yeah. But you have to admit that last line is pretty clever. Especially for a Diane Warren song, her stuff being so predictable that I just knew she’d written this before I even looked at the iTunes info. But that doesn’t matter, really, because it’s immaculately produced and Demi’s vocals are exquisite. In fact, they’re her best since “Skyscraper.” And that elevates the material, turning what could have been a wholly tacky affair into something that’s stunning and gorgeous. Bravo.