“March Of The Poozers” is a larger than life song right up their with Devin Townsend’s best material, which is saying a lot because the guy is mighty prolific and has put out more albums than we can count.  While we tend to prefer his Strapping Young Lad material, his recent album Z2 is an instant classic in its own right and this razor sharp diamond is one of the many reasons why.  Of course, that’s partially because Z2 picks up right where Strapping Young Lad left off, albeit with greater aspirations and songs that are in more of an experimental vein.  Don’t let that scare you though — if you were a Strapping Young Lad fan then you’re sure to fall in love with Z2 even if it does have flourishes of Devin’s more recent work.  Oh, and this video?  It’s out of this world.  Literally and otherwise.  Normally, we prefer regular videos over lyric videos but this one is so awe-inspiring that it doesn’t even feel like a lyric video.  You feel like you’re watching a fully realized, feature video.  If you like sci-fi, prepare to get addicted.

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▶ DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT - March Of The Poozers (Lyric Video) - YouTube

Published on Dec 12, 2014

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT - March Of The Poozers (Lyric Video). Order here:

Taken from the album Z². Inside Out Music 2014.