#songoftheday = DAWN RICHARD: “CALI SUN”

D∆WN, better known as Dawn Richard, veers in a mainstream R&B/pop direction with her new single "Cali Sun," which hails from her third album, Redemption, which is said to be the "final installment in the trilogy." I was a big fan of the two previous...
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interview by Michael McCarthy When I lived in Glendale, a suburb of Los Angeles, a decade ago, I went through a long period of being anorexic. During this time, I read every eating disorder related book I could find. I suppose I read some of them because they were triggering and encouraged me...
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An Exclusive Interview with Rebecca Clements

interview by Michael McCarthy It’s funny how everything is connected. Earlier this year, I was listening to a random artist on Soundcloud – I can’t remember who – and the next thing that came on was a song by Brandyn Burnette, who I wound up interviewing. During that interview, he mentioned that he...
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CATCHING UP 4.0: Wild Beasts, Tarja, Witherscape, HyunA & Stellar

Wild Beasts’ synthy new album Boy King is out now and is a breath-taking alt pop masterpiece. It’s the sort of record Radiohead might be making if they weren’t so abstract these days. From the opening one-two punch of “Boy King” and “Tough Guy” through closer “Dreamliner,” there isn’t a bad song in...
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An Exclusive Interview with Molly Moore

interview by Michael McCarthy In a perfect world, Molly Moore would need no introduction. Her elegant pop songs are a perfect mix of both catchy, mainstream and pensive, artsy pop. At her core, Molly is a singer/songwriter. It just so happens that her songs are exquisitely produced pop. Well, most of them. Her...
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