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#albumoftheday = Ingrid Michaelson: Stranger Songs

Indie-pop, singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson has just released an exquisite new album called Stranger Songs on which every song is inspired by the Netflix series Stranger Things. The album came out just before the new season of Stranger Things started so a lot of the references were lost on me until I started watching...
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interview by Michael McCarthy “Synchronize your mind with me, a revelation,” sings Nathassia – channeling the Sumerian Goddess of love and war, Inanna – on her new single “Goddess.” It’s a trippy, electro/pop/dance/world music song that’s so, so good, it’s almost as divine and addictive as chocolate. Just listen to the mesmerizing track...
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#songoftheday / #amlistening = FFS – “BONES”

If you love "the Bristol sound" made popular by Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead, among others, then you're going to be tickled pink in a good way by "Bones," the debut single by FFS, otherwise known as For Fucks Sake, the new project by James of Arth...
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#songoftheday / #amlistening = SALT: “HELIUM”

Today we have "Helium," the excellent second single from the artist simply known as Salt.    I love the way the track blends synthesizers and snappy beats with her sometimes ethereal vocals.  The artist she most reminds me of is the great Florence Welch (a.k.a. Florence + The...
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