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An Exclusive Interview with Andrew Shapiro

Back in June, Brooklyn-based piano composer Andrew Shapiro released his third piano album, appropriately entitled Piano 3. (Perhaps you are one of the six million people who streamed his song “Mint Green” – from his 2008 debut, Numbers, Colors and People – on Pandora?) That he was releasing another piano album was hardly...
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An Exclusive Interview with Nathassia

interview by Michael McCarthy If you’re looking for something different, some truly unique, mind-blowing electro-pop, then you’ve come to the right place. Nathassia is currently based out of London where she is very informed by its music scene. The songs on her just released debut album, Light of the World, run the gamut...
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#songoftheday / REVIEW: DALEA: SPEED RACER

From 2009 to 2013 Dalea was the lead singer/founder of Quimera Music, a symphonic rock band. Now solo, she has changed gears and shifted into the realm of pop. Her new single, "Speed Racer," is a delicious mix of electro and synth pop with a very...
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I was born in ’70’s and grew up in the ’80’s with a fondness for synthy pop like the Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and so many others. Practically every song on the radio relied heavily on sythesizers. It was wonderful. Even when my beloved heavy metal bands (now called hair metal)...
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I could go on and on about how Melanie Martinez should have won her season on The Voice but I’ll simply say this: she was far too talented — as a unique *artist,* not just a singer — to win a show where the singers perform cover songs almost exclusively. At the time,...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: Róisín Murphy: HAIRLESS TOYS

Róisín Murphy has been one of the most peculiar figures in modern pop music for several years now. She started off as the frontwoman of Moloko, but soldiered on as a solo artist after the band called it a day. During the next few years, she released two excellent solo albums, Ruby Blue...
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#songoftheday / VIDEO: The Ready Set – “Fangz”

And now for something completely different... A slamming, electro-pop gem from The Ready Set. No, we didn't exactly see it coming either. "Fangz," as it's called, is a better EDM track than anything on David Guetta's latest album. OK, so it's not quite EDM,...
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Mystery Skulls is the stage name of Luis Dubuc, an insanely-talented, self-taught electronic artist from Dallas — currently based in LA — who writes, produces and sings his own songs. At the moment, he’s the electronic artist du jour with his song “Ghost” having skyrocketed to number eight on the iTunes electronic music...
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