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I loved and still love the first album by Sweden’s Bombus, The Poet and The Parrot. To my ears, it was an instant classic. A mix of old school thrash, modern metal, AC/DC and Motorhead, all thrown together in a pot that produced a spectacular soup. Well, now they’re back with album number three...
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When it comes to indie singer/songwriter Emm Gryner, I always have very high expectations. This might have something to do with the fact that her album Northern Gospel was my #1 album of 2011 and that her album Torrential was my #12 album of 2014. Suffice to say she’s one of my favorites,...
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Dystopia is album number 15 for Megadeth, the band that refuses to die, which I mean in a positive way. If you read the Wiki pages for the band and this album, Dave Mustaine and company faced some serious hardships while writing and making it. It would have been easy for Mustaine to...
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The wonderful thing about checking out new music is that sometimes, on rare occasions, you come across something so fantastic that you can’t believe you’ve lived your life so far without it. It’s that whole “where have you been all my life” factor, and that’s precisely how I felt the first time I...
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It’s very fitting that the cover of Pillar Point’s sophomore effort, Marble Mouth, is quite colorful, bursting with sweet red, tangy orange, vibrant yellow, groovy green and electric blue. Plus, a little black thrown in for good measure, perhaps to represent the dark side within all of us. It’s one of those instances...
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If you’re a metalhead who appreciates classical music, look no further than Exmortus and their fantastic new album Ride Forth, their second for the Prosthetic label. The Whittier, California-based band blends elaborate, classical-influenced guitar solos with double bass thrash drums, often proggy bass guitar and death metal vocals for a sound that is...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: PSY: 칠집싸이다 THE 7TH ALBUM

Are you among the 60 million people who’ve seen the zany video for Psy’s big comeback song “Daddy” yet? If not, click play above already! Do it! Suffice to say that Psy is back with his crazy dance moves, amusing sight gags, and lots of general weirdness. The song isn’t bad either. Actually, the...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: CHRIS SAVOR: INTRO EP

Sometimes you listen to something and it’s so unique that you feel like it’s a miracle that it even exists, which is certainly something you could say about Chris Savor’s Intro EP. For starters, the spctra-produced songs somehow manage to marry Chris’ soulful vocals with dark R&B, 2 step and even trip-hop sounds,...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: LNDN DRGS: AKTIVE

They might be called LNDN DRGS — London Drugs, get it? — but they actually hail from California. Their music is the perfect marriage of Jay Worthy’s relaxed rap delivery and producer Sean House’s jumpy bass lines and globs of old school synth. Together, they make music that’s both modern and retro all...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: Mylène Farmer: INTERSTELLAIRES

In 2010 Mylène Farmer, the most popular French artist in the world, surprised fans when she released her first album without longtime collaborator Laurent Boutonnat, Bleu Noir. Her formula with Boutonnat was simple: Laurent wrote the music and she wrote the lyrics. At least that’s how the credits read. I should think there...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: STRYPER: FALLEN

It’s 2015 and Stryper’s yellow and black attack continues. And I dare say it’s stronger than ever. Just listen to “Yahweh,” the blistering opening track of their new album, Fallen. When I heard Michael Sweet was writing a song with Clint Lowery of Sevendust I thought we were in for a disaster, just...
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