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#songoftheday Lily McKenzie Ft. Giggs – “Support Machine”


You may recall our January interview with Lily McKenzie, an extremely talented singer/songwriter of the pop variety with strong garage (a.k.a. drum ‘n’ bass) and 2-Step influences, which she proudly emphasizes in her gorgeous music.  Today our song of the day is the title track from her EP Support Machine, which will be released on March 30th.  ‘Tis a haunting and subtle ballad that now has an equally haunting if not downright disturbing video that shows some truly distressing things happening, courtesy of some of the most talented actors we’ve seen in videos in a long time.  To tell you the truth, most indie artists can’t even afford to make videos as rich — in every sense of the word — as this one.  But the song totally deserves it and we have a feeling you’re going to love it if you have even the slightest fondness for melancholic ballads.

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Directed by Ross S. Anderson

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