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Monthly Archives: August 2015


For me, Chelsea Wolfe’s albums have always been more about an overall vibe than specific songs taken individually.  I do prefer certain songs, yes, but within the context of her albums.  They’re not songs I’d necessarily take and put on a playlist.  (They don’t necessarily play well with other artists.)  I have to be...
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#albumoftheday (er, #epdujour) / REVIEW: SCAVENGER HUNT: WILDFIRE

Scavenger Hunt is an excellent ’80’s retro-style Los Angeles-based band that was formed in August of 2013. Its members are Jill Lamoureux (vocals) Dan Mufson (bass and keys) Nick Annis (guitar) and Aaron Prather (drums and percussion). On their Facebook info page they list influences like the Back To The Future movies (1...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: HOLLYSIZ: MY NAME IS

Hollysiz is the playful moniker for French actress Cécile Cassel’s music career. My Name Is, is her debut album and it’s been gradually taking the world of pop by storm ever since it was first released in France during September of 2013. In fact, it did so well in France that they re-released...
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